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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaners

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Anyone who owns a business with any kind of premises needs to keep it clean, just as they do with their house. It needs to be a safe and hygienic place, whether your company is frequented only by your own employees or whether you have clients coming in and out all the time.

At Reflect Clean, maintaining excellent standards of cleanliness for your business is particularly critical. We ensure that your workers are also covered by ensuring they have clean offices so that they can increase productivity and not waste their precious work time cleaning their workplace. We understand what makes commercial cleaning so important.

Commercial cleaning differs from regular house cleaning. While you may think that dust and dirt are the same everywhere, there are several main differences between how a company is cleaned and how your home can be cleaned:

  • For many companies, the amount of room to be cleaned varies massively. Cleaning your three-bedroom house is a lot different from cleaning a hotel with 100 rooms.
  • Commercial cleaning uses harder, more industrial processes to clean items for this purpose. To make it simple and effective, cleaning methods are created so that cleaners don't clean all day, every day.

To help businesses stay safe, there are different tasks that we take on. We provide services such as hotel cleaning or office cleaning, depending on the type of business. Cleaning facilities such as hotel housekeeping or front of house cleaners, kitchen cleaning, window cleaning, and regular office cleaning activities, such as vacuuming or emptying waste bins, are included. We use heavy-duty cleaning machines and industrial-strength cleaning products to leave a clean finish.

During our work, we use a number of different approaches which you probably wouldn't use at home. We take a different approach to cleanliness without compromising on efficiency and standard. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed.



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